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Kill Me, Kiss Me
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Character: Troyard Slaine
Manga/Anime: Aldnoah.Zero
Fanart by: Pixiv Id 2837884 萧狱

※ Authorized reprint

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let justice be done, though the heavens fall.

texture credit:

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Tumblr URL: milklace

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mirai kuriyama » dedicated to beth
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League Skin Spotlights
   Order of the Lotus Karma

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Spring (by Veeka Veeka)

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Is this the Hong Kong that we know?

Is this what should happen in Hong Kong?

Is this your impression of Hong Kong?

Please, spread it around the world now and let more people know about the issue, as this should not have been happened in a city like Hong Kong.

I can’t believe this is the place where I live. I feel so heartbroken for our city. This is not the Hong Kong I always know. We want our voices be heard, but the government won’t listen. The protesters are unarmed, but the police used pepper spray and fired tear gas against them. The protest is supposed to be very peaceful, but the police turns the protest into riot.

Today, September 28, 2014, is the darkest day of Hong Kong.


We are with you!

obs.: This shouldn’t happing in any city.

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V-O-N means hope.

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Rushed to scribble after watching the final ep! pouring out feelings

Otsukare Free!ES!!  ( nஇωஇ n) Thank you for the best summer Wednesdays! Now begins our ETERNAL SUMMER. 

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Sports Manga Protagonists